Three Things That Make A Great Traffic Sign

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What makes a good traffic sign? Although it’s not necessarily something that a lot of us think of on a regular basis, it comes with a certain degree of importance. Traffic signs are incredibly important, both in terms of those that are community safety-related messaging, to those that communicate some of the most consistent ads that we see on a regular basis. When people are driving, they certainly need to focus on the road to an extent. But they’re also taking in the signs that they drive past, and with good reason. Signs are the only way that people can take in information while driving in real time. And in fact, 71% of all people look at the messages written on roadside billboards, both traditional and digital.

Ultimately, a traffic signage company can provide companies as well as the local government in general with all the signs that they need. But if those signs are not properly made and well-designed, then a lot of them will go unnoticed by drivers. In some cases, this can lead to drivers missing an advertisement. But in others, it could result in a serious accident. With that being said, let’s explore what makes a good traffic sign; and what traffic signage companies should take note of.

1. Color

Certainly, there are a lot of messages pre-coded into certain colors, and a good traffic signage company will take note of that when creating sign designs. Red, for example, is triggered as a “stop” signal for us; green, on the other hand, let’s us know when to go. A traffic side needs to be coded with the right colors for its message, and furthermore shades that are bright, so that they’re impossible to miss.

2. Shape

Just as we’re inherently trained to recognize certain colors as important, different shapes stand out to us as well. There’s a reason why stop signs are octagons; that shape isn’t one that we see on a regular basis, and it makes them stand out. A road signage company can navigate the process of choosing a sign for a totally original, marketed company, while also ensuring that the more typical signs are consistently produced with their signature shapes.

3. Nighttime Visibility

A sign is no use unless it’s visible at night! A traffic signage company can obviously provide digital signs that light up and therefore are easily visible at night. However, there is also the matter of reflective signs, signs that remain naturally illuminated at night. These types of signs have a broad appeal with good reason, and it’s simply because they communicate their message no matter what the lighting!

Before working with a traffic signage company, you’ll want to make a list. Be clear about what you want and need from a sign, and what you can’t negotiate on. Ultimately, this approach will yield the best possible results.

Posted in Articles on October 1st, 2020.

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