Maintaining Your Parking Lot: Restriping, Guardrails, and More

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Owning your own business is a wonderful thing and the dream of many working people. The great thing is, a business doesn’t have to be what everyone imagines it as (a retail store, a corporation, etc). You can provide services, rent out property that you own, and much more. The more uncommon the business, sometimes the more profitable. What hides in plain sight can sometimes cost a pretty penny.

One of the businesses that people tend not to think about are those that are just under our feet. As in, literally under our feet when we park our cars at various other businesses and service providers around town. Parking isn’t free in a lot of places, and that’s because individuals privately own land in the middle of cities to make available to cars. Without this land, you’d have to park even further away from your favorite spots. But how does one maintain a parking lot if they own one?

In this short article, we’re going to go over how to maintain your parking lot to tip-top safety standards. You should know when to replace traffic signage, to inspect guardrails, and the appropriate time to call a roadway striping service for help. If you’re passionate about providing great service while being involved in creating a great experience, you’ll pass with flying colors.

Refresh The Basics

The fortunate thing about parking lots is that they are a relatively static industry. The ground, asphalt, and the need to park cars isn’t going to change anytime soon. But there are some genuine updates for parking lot maintenance in terms of lighting and security technology, and weathering makes it necessary to always replace certain areas of parking lots. The word “update” here has less of a software/technology connotation and more of a “refreshing and renewing” meaning.

Since parking lots are made up of subdivided plots for cars, the most important thing to focus on year and year is your parking lot striping. Can it be seen by individuals in cars so that they can park their cars? If not, you’ll need to call a roadway striping service or industrial equivalent in order to take care of this right away. It’s important to have visible stripes in the correct color (usually, yellow or white) that comply with local regulations and increase the safety of your parking lot. Typically, it’s a good idea to restripe your parking lot every 18 to 24 months, depending on your location and climate.

If it’s been a long time since your parking lot has been paved, this may also be something that you want to consider. While this expense can be a lot, it may also be required by law for you to complete it every so often. If you live in a cold weather state where the asphalt is prone to cracking because of the temperature fluctuations, this is also worth noting on what schedule you should be paving your lot.

Updates, Updates, Updates

When you hire a roadway striping service to update the stripes on your lot, you may also want to inquire if they can recommend a lighting or security contractor. Adding LED lights to your parking lot can help increase visibility, security, and safety of your parking lot which will also help ensure it fills up to capacity. Nobody wants to get out of their cars in the dark near a downtown area, and this helps everyone feel safe and secure.

Additionally, security cameras are no longer a huge, expensive cost to install or maintain. By increasing the security and safety of your lot, you will be able to charge top dollar for your parking spaces to mitigate against crimes or unsavory behavior. While you are generally not responsible for bad things that happen in your parking lot, you can help prevent and prosecute crimes by having video evidence of it occurring.

Last by not least, if the guard rails on your parking lot are rusty or have been destroyed by car accidents then you should consider replacing them. A roadway striping service may also do low level contracting such as this, or you may have to hire a specialized group. Only you can know the specifics of your particular situation.

Posted in Articles on November 9th, 2020.

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