Guardrail And Road Stripping Installation Services

Guardrail and roadway striping is essential to the safety and security of every vehicle on the road. Striping is crucial, as it alerts drivers of which lane or side of the road to travel on. Furthermore, guardrails are important to the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, as it keeps cars on the road, and keeps pedestrians safe.

Why Guardrails Are Important For Road Safety

Guardrails are an important aspect of road infrastructure, and serve many purposes for both vehicle and pedestrian safety. For pedestrians, guardrails provide a barrier between them and the vehicle traffic, preventing an out of control vehicle from striking them and causing injury. For vehicular traffic, a guardrail prevents vehicles from leaving the road in the event of an accident, malfunction, or driver error.

Guardrails are especially beneficial when hills or other types of uneven topography are present, as it prevents vehicles from falling from great heights. Guardrails also protect vehicles on highways and other major roads from striking utility poles, trees, or other obstacles that fail to absorb any impact.

Professional guardrail installation services are trained to install and adhere to various OSHA protocols, such as the requirement that guardrails must be roughly 42 inches in height. These professionals are trained to survey the area, and place the guardrail in an area that will be most beneficial to keep motorists safe. Some of these professional services are road signage companies specializing in road safety and security.

Road And Parking Lot Striping

In addition to guardrail installation services, road and parking lot striping is also important to the safety and security of the motorist, as they provide order and guidance on the road. Roadway markings guide traffic and safely keeps motorists in their respective lanes. Furthermore, roadway markings tell drivers where it is permissible to park.

Other roadway symbols that direct traffic includes those depicting lane merging, carpool lanes, and traffic lights ahead. Furthermore, arrows are painted on the roadway, usually in unison with signs, directing cars into the correct lane, either to continue straight or turn at an intersection. These are important as they keep order on the roadway and ensure each vehicle is traveling in the correct direction.

These markings are equally as important to pedestrians, as they provide a clear indication of where to walk, keeping them safe from vehicular traffic. For cars, these markings establish lanes of travel, and for pedestrians, clearly marked areas to safely cross the road, oftentimes at an intersection.

Parking lots are one of the most dangerous places a motorist will drive, due to the density of vehicles and pedestrians, thus, it is important for ample striping and signage in your parking lot. If you own a property that has a parking lot, it is important to ensure that the lines are clearly visible and intact. Hiring a professional parking lot contractor is crucial to the quality, durability, and visibility of the striping. These types of markings are also important to parking lot safety, as lines and arrows used on the roadway are important in parking lots as well, especially in busy shopping centers.

Hiring professional roadway striping services or guardrail installation services will prove beneficial to motorists’ safety and security in your jurisdiction. The number one priority of a professional roadway service is the safety of both the motorist and pedestrian, creating a safer environment for all.

Posted in Articles on August 5th, 2020.

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