About Sunline Contracting

Arizona’s Professional Contractors

Founded in 2009, Sunline Contracting provides clients based in Arizona and throughout the Southwest with a variety of roadway and striping services. The company offers a variety of contracting services, from guardrail installation and parking lot striping to highway signage and even surface preparation & removal.

With a combined total of 45 years of experience, founders Rodd Jose and Dave Porter started Sunline Contracting with the desire to leave a “mark” in the striping industry by providing unparalleled, high-quality striping, signing and guardrail services. Having worked as directors, hub managers, estimators, project managers and equipment operators, Jose and Porter know the business inside out.

The professionals at Sunline Contracting have extensive knowledge and experience that helps them meet client’s needs. The team has completed public and private sector striping in addition to other road contracting services in Arizona. Sunline Contracting has managed a variety of projects ranging from those worth less than $5,000 to major highway infrastructures valued at more than $2 million.