Why the Accuracy of Your Parking Lot Striping Quote Matters

Have you ever wondered how the companies that paint stripes on parking lots and roadways can offer price quotes on their services? If every parking lot is unique – and it surely is – and every roadway different, how can they give consumers an accurate quote? What goes into accounting for these prices -and how can you be sure that the bid you’re given is fair?

Here’s a little more information about this complex process and how it benefits both the parking lot services provider and the consumer:

Why Quotes Matter

Getting a parking lots services price quote right the first time is important for both the consumer and the business providing the service. Why? Because an inaccurate quote can have a major negative impact on both. A consumer who is asked to expect to pay one amount and then receives a bill for a very different total is likely to be upset and frustrated. This may lead to negative reviews, a lack of repeat business, and the ultimate failure of a business on a local level.

For this reason, businesses often feel obligated to meet their price quotes. If these quotes are inaccurate, they may struggle to do so or even absorb the cost of additional labor and supplies at their own loss. This is bad for business and not a sustainable practice in the long-run. That is why it is crucial to get the quote right the first time, every time.

Getting it Right

To avoid any problems in providing service quotes, a good parking lot striping provider will visit the site they are being asked to stripe in person before offering a bid. They will examine all features of the lot, as well as take note of what services are being requested. A qualified professional can also offer a detailed explanation of their pricing, including the cost per finished square foot, variances in pricing for curbing or other physical features, and estimated labor and material costs. That way, the consumer knows what they are getting and exactly how much they owe for it. This means no surprises later – only a happy, satisfied consumer and a perfect finished product.

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Posted in Articles on November 3rd, 2019.

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