Why is Road Maintenance So Important?

If you drive a car or ride a bike, you know the importance of maintaining your equipment. Keeping up with regular oil changes for your vehicle, checking your bike chain, or watching your tire tread and pressure can be critical to keeping your vehicle in working order. If you neglect this ongoing maintenance, you could face an escalated situation that could significantly damage your car or bike, or even cause you unexpected injury.

The same is true about roads. Having a reliable means of transportation is critical in modern society, allowing people and goods to travel effectively from place to place. If the roads used for this fall into disrepair, the impact is felt across communities and businesses. It’s crucial to perform ongoing road maintenance services to keep roads performing at their best.

What kinds of services should be performed on roads as part of maintenance efforts?

Trimming and Cleaning

Most roads lie adjacent to areas of grass and brush, gravel, or dirt. If the greenery is allowed to grow too long, it could infringe on the safety of the road travelers. Gravel and dirt can sometimes be washed away by rough weather, and it might need replacing regularly. If it were to wash away and leave a steep dropoff, a slight steering error by a vehicle could end up causing a significant crash.

Grading and Reshaping

Many roads in the United States are unpaved, which does typically require more ongoing maintenance work to keep them operational. Some of the more well-traveled unpaved roads, or those in areas of more severe weather, should be reviewed regularly to see if the gravel seems well-shaped. If the road loses its crowned shape and starts retaining water rather than having it flow off the road, it can cause premature potholes and dangerous driving situations.

Minor Paving Repairs

The Grand Canyon was formed by a ‘crack’ of water in the form of the Colorado River. While the results are not quite as extreme, a small crack in a paved road that is not sealed quickly can have a similar effect on paved roads. If cracks and small potholes are not repaired quickly, water can seep in and eventually cause so much damage that the entire road might need resurfacing.

If you are responsible for roads in a subdivision, shopping center, or even as part of a highway system, consider working with Sunline Contracting to get all your road maintenance work done professionally and effectively.

Posted in Articles on November 19th, 2019.

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