Why Crosswalk and Traffic Signs are Important

What is a Crosswalk?

The term refers to the section marked for pedestrians crossing the road or street. Aside from markings on the pavement, communities also use signage to alert motorists of these areas. Both of these improve road safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Where Do You Find Them?

Crosswalks are often found in intersections, though, they may be present on busy roads as well. They provide pedestrians with a safe way to cross the street, especially roads that see a lot of vehicle traffic. The iconic white or yellow stripes are also a common sight in areas close to schools, with signage to warn passing cars of children crossing. Crosswalk signage also makes it easy to spot these areas.

Crosswalk Signage Design

High visibility is a must for crosswalk signage. Drivers usually have only a few seconds to process what they mean. That’s why they need to be easy to understand at first glance. Not all signage designs are the same, though. Better designs ensure safer road conditions for pedestrians and drivers.

Usual Design Problems

If the sign is visible, but the typeface isn’t legible, that’s a safety risk. It leaves drivers confused at the wheel and keeps them from adjusting their driving speed. Confusing signs also distract drivers, as a moment’s inattention is enough to lead to an accident. Prevent that by ensuring the signage is legible and easily understood.

Crossing Designs

The most basic design is made up of markings or stripes on the road surface. Also called zebra crossings for obvious reasons, the lines are rendered in yellow in some areas to make them more visible. The pedestrian crossings are designed to slow down vehicles and give way to foot traffic to prevent collisions.

Replacing the Markings

The markings fade over time. Communities can hire pros to replace them. Find one that offers road maintenance services in Phoenix, especially road striping services in Phoenix, to fix the pedestrian crossings. Sweeping the area clean and keeping it dry are just a few other ways that you could take care of the area.

New Crossings and Traffic Signs

Some areas require traffic signals to manage vehicles and pedestrians. That helps reduce the number of accidents in these areas. Consult with pros to determine if your community needs more traffic signs in Phoenix, AZ. Also, consider if it’s time to repaint your crossings and replace your signage. Sunline Contracting offers this assistance along with road maintenance services in Phoenix.

Posted in Articles on October 4th, 2019.

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