What You Need to Know About Road Signage

Hands down the best place to get road signage help is from a road signage company. Each municipality has very well-defined, albeit, confusing laws and regulations that affect road signage.

Road signage companies specialize in knowing the rules and the regulations for each municipality. Road signage companies are where you can turn for comprehensive roadway contracting services.

Following the Rules

Road signage gets a lot of attention. It can be used to provide direction, warn of hazards, and advertising information. A trusted roadway contracting service is your best source to ensure that you get the signage that you need.

Using a firm that does not specialize in roadway signage can easily backfire. While it may seem simple enough to place a sign along a roadway, the fact is, there is a lot of thought, and a specialty skillset required to ensure it is done right.

Each state and municipal body have very specific guidelines for the placement of road signage. Regulations regarding signage can include:

  • The height of the sign. Most municipalities will have regulations regarding how tall a road sign can stand. Some places only allow a road sign to be a certain height to minimally disrupt the beauty of the landscape. A sign that is too high can result in fines and the additional cost of moving the sign and having it reinstalled. Experienced road signage companies will not make the mistake of disregarding this type of regulation.
  • The placement of the sign. Some municipalities have very strict guidelines about where a road sign should be placed. For example, the number of feet that a sign needs to be placed from the actual roadway is often regulated. Road signage companies will ensure that they place the signs within the guidelines.
  • The appearance of the signage. In some areas, the color, the type of font, and more is all regulated.

Road signage companies have the expertise to ensure that your signs are always up to code and look great.

The Penalties

The penalties for not following the rules and regulations can range from simply having to remove the sign and starting from scratch, to hefty fines and penalties. It is far easier to ensure that things are done right the first time by contacting the trusted road signage company that can get the job done.