The Importance of Parking Lot Striping for Commercial Properties

Building maintenance is an integral part of being a commercial property owner. But it’s not just the building itself you should be concerned about. You should also make sure that the surrounding areas, such as the landscape and parking lot of your property, are also well-maintained.

If neglected, parking lots can become an unsightly mess—giving your visitors a bad impression of your property. Parking lot striping plays a vital role in making any parking space look more hospitable and attractive. Here are more reasons why striping is essential for your commercial building parking lot.


Proper parking lot striping does not just help guide drivers, but also pedestrians. You can help minimize accidents involving pedestrians by having clearly marked crosswalks on your parking lot. Pavement markings are also vital in directing traffic flow, especially for one-way streets. A well-marked pavement also supplements important safety signs, assisting drivers in maneuvering throughout the parking lot safely. Parking lot striping is a clearly defined visual messaging that can help avoid accidents in your parking lot.

Maximize Parking Area

Striping your parking lot can help increase the capacity of your parking lot, as it clearly designates parking areas for each car—guiding drivers where they need to park. This is a more spatially efficient approach than just letting them haphazardly park anywhere there is space.

Improved Appearance

Parking lots, when freshly painted, look more vibrant and alive. After all, the sharp contrast made by the fresh white and yellow paint typically used in parking lot striping against black asphalt is hard to miss. However, the color can fade over time. So it’s essential to have a regular schedule for re-striping your parking lot.

And as mentioned earlier, a well-maintained parking lot can be used as an opportunity for you to leave a good impression on your visitors.

ADA Compliance

The American Disabilities Act requires that every commercial property has marked spaces for the handicapped. And you can’t do this unless you use striping to decrease the possibility of confusion. Using parking lot striping does not just provide convenience to your handicapped personnel or visitors. It also helps you stay compliant with the law.

When looking for a company that offers parking lot striping services in Phoenix, make sure that it’s a reputable one and has been in the industry for a long time. Sunline Contracting has been providing clients with various roadway and striping services since it was founded in 2009. The company only uses equipment and material of the highest quality, so you can be sure that your property is in good hands.

Posted in Articles on January 1st, 2020.

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