Dangers of Bad Road Maintenance

Poorly-maintained roads can lead to fatal car accidents. Potholes and icy patches of the road seem not at all that problematic, but they can contribute to poor driving conditions and create a safety hazard for drivers. Find out about the different types of bad road conditions and the dangers they pose.

Types of Bad Road Conditions

  • Potholes. The limited visibility of potholes also makes it difficult for drivers to slow down, which leaves them with little to no time to react correctly.
  • Oil and chip. Oil and chip are used as temporary fixes for roads and highways before being resurfaced. However, if it takes too long to resurface the road, then oil and chip areas will get slippery and create hazards on the road.
  • Construction work zones. Common issues linked to construction areas are uneven roads. Lanes usually need to be shifted as well.
  • Ice patches. These patches can happen even without rain or snow. They are usually found in isolated parts of the road.
  • Shoulder drop-off. Some roads have a drop-off region, and that’s bad for drivers too.
  • Slippery roads. Signage that warns drivers and motorists of wet roads must be put up, informing road users to drive with extreme caution. If there are no warning signs, skidding and hydroplaning may occur.

These are just some of the dangers associated with adverse road conditions. Fix these problems by hiring road maintenance services in Phoenix.

Dangers of Poor Maintenance

  • Financial costs. Cutting back on road maintenance impacts vehicle maintenance costs and also raises the net cost to the economy as a whole.
  • Discomfort. Poor road conditions can mean a bumpy ride. If these aren’t repaired or maintained timely, they can further deteriorate to the point that they become dangerous.
  • Accidents. Accidents can happen when people drive on roads with missing chunks of asphalt or blacktop. Driving over sinkholes, exposed rebar, road cracks, and uneven road surfaces can lead to the same result.
  • Injuries. Drivers and passengers will sustain injuries from accidents, ranging from mild to severe conditions such as bumps, bruises, whiplash, and brain trauma. Some of these injuries will require a trip to the E.R., an extended stay at the hospital or, even expensive treatment and lifetime medical care.

Hiring Maintenance Services

Reduce road hazards and ensure better safety for all road users when you hire contractors to fix the problem. Get a crew to maintain your roads. Look for experienced and trained pros that specialize in road maintenance services in Phoenix like Sunline Contracting.