Dangers of Bad Road Maintenance

Poorly-maintained roads can lead to fatal car accidents. Potholes and icy patches of the road seem not at all that problematic, but they can contribute to poor driving conditions and create a safety hazard for drivers. Find out about the different types of bad road conditions and the dangers they pose. Types of Bad Road[…]

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No Thru Traffic Signs Prevent Private Property Short Cuts

Disputes about property boundaries arise much more often than you may think. If your property offers a shortcut to a public road, for instance, you may find it hard to prevent people from trespassing and cutting across your property for easy and convenient access. Putting up a sign can help, though. If it’s easier to[…]

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Posted in Articles on June 11th, 2019.

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How Guardrails Protect Against Dangerous Accidents

Poor road conditions can lead to accidents. That includes erosion and potholes along with missing guardrails. To improve the situation, hiring road maintenance services in Phoenix is a must. Here’s why it matters. Marks Boundaries Seasoned contractors know how important road maintenance and care is. They have the training and skill to put measures in[…]

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