5 Essential Tips for Parking Lot Maintenance

parking lot striping

It’s important for property managers and business owners to keep their parking lots in good shape to keep natural wear and tear at bay. Increased traffic, extreme temperatures, and bad weather can all cause damage to your parking lot. Left uncared for, your parking lot can turn into a safety hazard and a liability risk.

Fortunately, you can keep your property’s parking lot in great shape year-round by following these five maintenance tips:

  1. Conduct visual inspections. This is the easiest part of your parking lot maintenance routine. Once a month, walk around your parking lot and perform a visual inspection. Look for cracks in the asphalt and potholes that may need to be repaired. Even without high traffic, parking lot damage can occur because of extreme weather including high heat.
  2. Keep your paint in good shape. Parking lot striping is an essential part of parking lot maintenance. It helps keep customers and tenants from parking dangerously close to one another. Re-striping is recommended at least once every two years or when the remaining coat of your parking lot striping has been visibly reduced to 75% of its original appearance.
  3. Sealcoat when necessary. Sealcoating is what helps to keep cracks, oil spills, and oxidation from damaging your parking lot. Sealcoating is typically done a few months after your parking lot’s pavement has been installed. It lasts anywhere between three to five years. After the five year mark, or whenever you begin to notice cracks appearing more frequently in your parking lot, it’s recommended to have your parking lot re-sealed. A parking lot patch and new seal coat can leave your parking lot looking like new.
  4. Clear away debris. It’s good to keep your parking lot clear of dirt and debris that can cause damage. While you don’t need to sweep your lot every day, it’s good to sweep a few times a month to prevent garbage, large sticks, leaves, and rocks from clogging drains. Clogged drains can cause standing water in your parking lot, which can deteriorate your asphalt if you’re not careful.
  5. Give your lot a good pressure wash. When sweeping your parking lot of dirt and debris doesn’t work, you can give your parking lot a good pressure wash. Pressure washing your parking lot a few times a year can also help get rid of any oil or chemicals that may have come into contact with your pavement.

Parking lot maintenance services can help make taking care of your property that much easier. Sunline Contracting offers the parking lot striping and maintenance you need. For more information about our parking lot contractors or to schedule a consultation with us, contact Sunline Contracting today.