3 Parts Of Parking Lot Maintenance You Shouldn’t Put Off

parking lot maintenance service

There are a lot of reasons why parking lots must be maintained. For one thing, parking lots are high-traffic areas, leading to a greater risk of collisions. This risk only grows when a parking lot is not properly maintained, with a lack of clear delineation between parking spaces and a lack of legible traffic signage. Parking lots also take quite a beating as drivers move in and out, often causing damage without even realizing it. The regular wear and tear endured by the pavement can lead to cracks and potholes, which not only damage vehicles but also potentially cause serious injuries for people simply walking through the lots themselves. Therefore, it’s important that those in charge of these lots regularly engage with parking lot maintenance services. While it’s possible to mend some minor damage sustained by parking lots on an amateur level, this isn’t advisable. Only professional parking lot maintenance service providers can repair parking lots to the extent that they need to be, ensuring that damage isn’t left behind. If a parking lot is not properly repaired, the owner of the parking lot could potentially deal with exacerbated damage down the road. For that matter, they could be held responsible if a vehicle is damaged or a person injured while in the parking lot.

Of course, there are certain things that must be prioritized when maintaining a parking lot. It’s important to understand what types of damage should be repaired first. With that being said, let’s look into how we can best ensure that your parking lot is properly maintained, and everyone going in and out of the parking lot is kept as safe as possible.

1. Striping

Parking lot striping refers to the stripes that separate different parking lot spaces from each other. Think about how often you visit a parking lot that doesn’t have clearly divided spaces. Parking lot striping is usually white, and while it’s bright and bold at first, it fades fairly quickly. This paint not only withstands dozens of vehicles each day in the average lot, but it also withstands rain, high winds, and erosion. This is why parking lot striping usually doesn’t last much longer than two years, when it must re-striped; if it has faded 75% or more before then, it must similarly be replaced. This also goes for the other painted symbols laid down by providers of parking lot striping services, like those attached to handicap spaces. It’s important that striping is maintained in order to ensure that people know where they’re meant to park and to ensure that people do not pack the parking lot to a dangerous degree.

2. Appropriate Signage

Another important part of parking lot maintenance services is maintaining proper signage. This might not seem as important as re-striping, but in fact, traffic signage is important for parking lots. Signage can indicate the maximum capacity of a parking lot, as well as direct people within the lot. One major issue within parking lots is people driving wildly. Sometimes, however, these people don’t drive improperly because they wish to, but because there is a lack of signage directing them around the lot. This is particularly crucial for larger lots.

3. Paving

Obviously, paving is the most important part of parking lot maintenance services. Parking lots need to be regularly re-paved. Some re-paving will be a part of regular, full re-paving jobs. Others will be patched, which will repair minor damage within the parking lot, including cracks and potholes. While paving a parking lot does require that the parking lot is shut down temporarily, and will also require re-striping, this is the only way to ensure that a parking lot is smooth and completely level.

While parking lot maintenance services may not be needed to repair every small bit of damage in a parking lot, it’s important that you take the damage done to your parking lot seriously. Don’t risk the safety of yourself and others by putting off repairs.

Posted in Articles on June 26th, 2020.

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